Why Choose Cajun Boys & Our Poboys?

As a brand dedicated to bringing real Cajun cuisine to the world, Cajun Boys & Our Poboys is built around the concept of making sure that every customer rates the service, food and atmosphere ‘5 stars’ every single visit. Our recipes have been passed down through family and we have recreated that down-home New Orleans flavor that Grandma use to make.


Cajun Boys & Our Poboys is currently accepting request for consideration to become a franchisee. The ideal candidate has an entrepreneurial spirit, solid character, background and references, great team and work ethic and can qualify financially. 

Our Ideal Franchise Partner

  • Is committed to a long-term
    franchise relationship built on trust and respect

  • Knows how to build a brand

  • Understands that accessible pricing and value are core components of casual dining

  • Has prior hospitality experience or knowledge, particularly in critical areas like supply chain, quality assurance, real estate development, and/or marketing

  • Has or will have infrastructure dedicated to the development of our brand

  • Has material liquidity and net worth, with access to capital

  • Has a track record of developing businesses 

Request For Consideration

If you seek a rewarding opportunity and have the qualifications, drive, and commitment to open your own Cajun Boys & Our Poboys restaurant, your first step is to apply today. Submit your information below, and we will contact you once we receive your completed application.

I submit the above information as true as of the date submitted ___. Cajun Boys & Our Poboys is authorized to verify the accuracy of the information submitted. I understand that Cajun Boys & Our Poboys is relying upon the above preliminary information as a factor in considering my potential to become one of its franchisees. If we progress towards a franchise, Cajun Boys & Our Poboys will request more detailed information. The submission of this Request for Consideration does not obligate either me or Cajun Boys & Our Poboys in any manner, nor does it imply that there is any legal or commercial relationship between the parties. I hereby consent to Cajun Boys & Our Poboys using the information that I provide for the purpose of evaluating me as a potential franchisee. This Request for Consideration is not intended as an offer to sell, or the solicitation of an offer to buy, a franchise.

Welcome To Cajun Country

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